Friends Cut

If you got cut it's becuase you are too stupid to understand what "Friends Only" means.

If you're still here it's becuase you have an IQ higher than that of a bar of soap.

Carry on
that's rich

Oh funtastic!

Filtered. Leak and feel my wrath.

John finally decided to come clean to me last night. He's 'interested' in someone.

Great. Good. Fantastic. I wish him all the best. Really, I do.

This has been a sort of ongoing issue between the two of us. I've suspected it for a bit. My biggest concern, obviously, is if he's having other girls around David. I would just like to know about it if that's the case. He's been vociferously denying it to me while proclaiming his love all over the internet (and a word of advice, if you don't want someone to find out, don't fucking post it publically. Not a hard concept to grasp).

But anyway, good for him. And, I am glad he told me about it. I asked if it was someone I knew. He said "maybe". I asked who it was, and he blurts out the name of a girl I have known for years. Yeah John, I might know her.

He'd like to paint this picture that he's 100 percent honest about the whole thing, but I sincerely doubt that his interest all of a sudden came up in the last day or so. Especially since shes coming by bus to spend a week with him. Don't even try to tell me that it hasn't been going on for a while.

Oh, and she's younger than me. Not that I have ANY issue with age differences (I'd be a hypocrite if I did), but c'mon! He made a huge, huge, HUGE deal to me about how I was the only one that much younger than him he could ever fall for. I just don't get it.

And I have to wonder about her intelligence, getting involved with him when she KNOWS what went on between him and I and his inability to stay faithful.

I really, really want to boot her from my friends list and my myspace. Especially since I think she only added me to see what I was saying about him.


ETA: Oh look! She IM'ed me to let me know that she would never interfere with John and David. Well. That's nice love, but it's also a moot point becuase as far as I am concerned, David won't ever be down there around you. Anyone who is dumb enough to get on a bus to go spend a week with someone who obviously has thing for younger girls AND an inability to stay faithful is too dumb to be around my son.

And might I add that everything he is saying to her is the EXACT same set of BS he fed me. Word. For. Word.

Nursing Story

David was born on June 23rd. He wanted to nurse shortly afterward. He started rooting so I latched him on. A little while later a nurse came in and checked my latch. He nursed for about 40 minutes and fell asleep.

Later that night he wouldn't wake up to nurse for one of his sessions, and that concerned me, but he went right back to being a pro shortly thereafter. The first weeks were relatively easy, save for some sore nipples.

I floundered like crazy at his first growth spurt. By the end of the night we were both crying. I was sure I didn't have any milk, which was why he was screaming and pulling off. After a few days it got better though and we were both much happier. I've been relatively lucky, I've only had a few plugged ducts and he's been a good latcher. I have had stressful moments though, and a few nurse-ins to help with supply issues.

Nine months later and he's still going strong, now hes become a little acrobat, eating standing up, leaning over, upside down. He's agreat baby, and nursing him has been a wonderful experience that hopefully isn't ending any time soon