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runawaybunni's Journal

She's got a rose in her teeth and a lampshade crown

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24 December 1986
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Heather"...I was blessed with a birth and a death and I guess I just want some say in between..."

I was born a number of years ago, right before Christmas. I am old enough to vote, and young enough to eat Cocoa Krispies without feeling guilty. I try not to define myself by my relationships, but I am a lover, and a mama. I love a good debate. I am an activist. I have been called a "hippie".

I am sardonic, critical, and a perfectionist. I can turn the bathtub on with my toes. I once spent an afternoon handcuffed to my best friend in the backyard. I can't walk a straight line, and fancy myself an artist of sorts, though definitely not starving.

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